So we have chosen to work on the biomass from housekeeping food. How it’s used, and the differences between Denmark and France in its usage.
    We shared the work between the four of us, like that each one got some tasks and some responsibilities:
    Maja works on compost food in Danmark.
    Gabriel is on compost food in France.
    Mathilde works on the “Amagerbakke” (its a combined heat and power waste-to-energy plant)of Copenhagen.
    Thomas, works on how the collection of the waste is done


    The projects of the group try to compare the different treatments of Biomass from housekeeping food in France and Denmark. And look for what we can do with this Biomass.
    Firstly Thomas works to find out informations about the sorting of the waste. As regards Gabriel, he is in charge to collect more informations about compost food in France.
    Secondly Mathilde focus on Amagerbakke in Denmark.
    Finally Maja look for more informations about compost food in Denmark.

    You can have a look on our estimated schedule (figure 1)


    Our mind map show you easily how we shared the job (figure 2)