Our Team for the project are composed of two french student,Clariond Clément and Aribaud Hugo, and three Danish student Sami, Emma and Irene .Right to left on the picture.

We work's on the solar panel plant , how solar cell product enrgy ,and the diference beetiwn France and the Denmark about how we use the solar panel,how the citizen can have acces to this energy, and the performance of the solar production in each country. So we decid to repat the job beetwin each student of the groupe :

 -Emmma and Irene work’s on, how solar panel product’s energy

-Sami work’s on, How many solar panel have each contry, France and Danmak

-Clément work’s on, how much each contry product’s and use electricity ans how many come to solar panel production

-Hugo work’s on,how many times of sunny day’s  and how each country use solar panel