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20 janvier 2020

Réunion de travail au DANEMARK

Vendredi 17 janvier 2020, des professeurs du lycée Jean Moulin  participant au projet ERASMUS ''Green Technologies and Global Citizenship'' se sont rendu à Copenhague pour une journée de travail.

Au menu de cette rencontre, suivi du projet, corrections et améliorations du projet, dissemination (Etwinning), plannification de la venue des élèves biterrois au Danemark en mars 2020, et pour finir visite des locaux.







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20 novembre 2019

Le PROJET ''Solar panels''

Our Team for the project are composed of two french student,Clariond Clément and Aribaud Hugo, and three Danish student Sami, Emma and Irene .Right to left on the picture.

We work's on the solar panel plant , how solar cell product enrgy ,and the diference beetiwn France and the Denmark about how we use the solar panel,how the citizen can have acces to this energy, and the performance of the solar production in each country. So we decid to repat the job beetwin each student of the groupe :

 -Emmma and Irene work’s on, how solar panel product’s energy

-Sami work’s on, How many solar panel have each contry, France and Danmak

-Clément work’s on, how much each contry product’s and use electricity ans how many come to solar panel production

-Hugo work’s on,how many times of sunny day’s  and how each country use solar panel

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Le PROJET ''Hydrogen car''

  • Who are we ?

     In france the e-car isn’t present in the lot of number for learn what is happened in france
    we are 2 for you presente were project .

    The impact of the car , the production and the Importation is the work to theo and discover

    Why ?
    The politics and economy (enjeux) is the work to Bastien . He has for subject the help for
    the governement, the production to the hydrogen , and the price of the fuel .

    So theo has for work the car production and the environnemental impact in france
    Bastien has for the work the research of the different production to the Hydrogen and their effects with the price .

    We are started with the mindmap and after we are created a gantt diagram with the
    repartion of the tasks

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Le PROJET ''Windturbine''

  • Our project is about wind turbines
  • This project is founded by ERASMUS and apologizes by the hard work of the teacher.
  • This exchange is made for think about the global warming and particularly focus on the green energies and renewable system.


    In a first time we made a brain storming on the different technologies used in the two country.

    We decided to work on the wind turbine.


    We did a schedule about the repartition of Danish and French work.....until our stay in Copenhague, Danemark .


    Figure 1, our team.

  • We tried to plan the job, figure 2

     And, the mind map show you what we’ll try to do. Figure 3

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Le PROJET ''Storage energies''

Our project is based on all forms and means of storing energy. We will start looking for all forms of storage.


We shared a differents activities :

-Danish students : make a todo list, search a lot of inforlation of storing energy in Danemark after.


-French students : We make a Gantt diagramm and search a different means of storing energy in french.


- The different stains during our project are first all to make a glove chart to distribute these stains between Danish highschool students as well as us French highschool  students.




So the stains are togather all froms to store energy subsequently to compare the ways deer’s energy between the Danemark and The France .


Our Mind Map of our project :



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Le PROJET ''Biomass for house keeping''




    So we have chosen to work on the biomass from housekeeping food. How it’s used, and the differences between Denmark and France in its usage.
    We shared the work between the four of us, like that each one got some tasks and some responsibilities:
    Maja works on compost food in Danmark.
    Gabriel is on compost food in France.
    Mathilde works on the “Amagerbakke” (its a combined heat and power waste-to-energy plant)of Copenhagen.
    Thomas, works on how the collection of the waste is done


    The projects of the group try to compare the different treatments of Biomass from housekeeping food in France and Denmark. And look for what we can do with this Biomass.
    Firstly Thomas works to find out informations about the sorting of the waste. As regards Gabriel, he is in charge to collect more informations about compost food in France.
    Secondly Mathilde focus on Amagerbakke in Denmark.
    Finally Maja look for more informations about compost food in Denmark.

    You can have a look on our estimated schedule (figure 1)

    Our mind map show you easily how we shared the job (figure 2)


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Le PROJET '' Bio fuel energy''

Represent team's members :



What's project ?

1- Our project talk about the bio fuel with the algues energy. The goal is to reduct the carbon dioxyde in the atmosphere ( the objective is to reduct 60% of the carbone dioxyde)


How did you share the differente activities the team member ?


The role


Search the picture who is


Take a note of the algue energy


Search a informations and picture for the bio- fuel


Traduce the research that we made on the web about our project


Search the information of the algue energy and the energy for calcul the



What are the different tasks ?

during our project, we had some tasks to perform (see above). And also during the period between our two meetings we have to do some work in order to continue to progress on the project.

For exemple :

- Omar must take care of the vierge organisation a blank plan with everything we need in our presentation (a blank pattern).

- Jean-Michel must care of to take a picture for the final presentation about the project.

- Ingrid must resume your note for and then must be able to do a summary of everything that will be said in the poster.

-Marinuswill do the same as Ingrid and then gather their ideas to find solid ideas for the project.

-Ruben will be responsible for finding information on the amount of energy released by the biofuel in Joules equivalence.

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18 novembre 2019

Accueil des élèves danois du lycée TEC de Copenhague

Welcome Session

For our Welcome session on Monday mornings, French students introduced Jean Moulin high school first with the different courses available, a little explanation of our school system and more specifically what's the main topics of the series STI2D (Engineering & Sustainability).

Then the students met during a speed meeting, and had to guess who's who a the end of the session thanks to every student's description that had been stuck on the wall. It was a friendly moment which broke the ice between Danish and French students.

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